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Gores de Federa

from Campo between lakes and waterfalls

The most beautiful excursions near the campsite allow you to discover green waters surrounded by dense woods: Pianozes Lake, Ajàl Lake, the waterfalls of Ru de Fedèra, and Lago de Fedèra. They are in order of distance and effort, ranging from a ten-minute walk to two hours of hiking.
In a few minutes, you arrive at Pianozes Lake, on whose shores, in addition to the renowned restaurant, the kiosk is perfect for refreshment.
In less than an hour, you arrive at Ajàl Lake, where you can fish for trout and eat in the recently renovated refuge.
It takes two hours for the Lago de Fedèra with a demanding hike of almost 1000 meters altitude. The Croda da Lago, the Becco di Mezzodì, and the Croda da Lago refuge are reflected in its waters, with excellent cuisine and a vast selection of grappas. There are also two sport climbing sectors on Croda da Lago which, given the long walk to get there, are not so much crowded.
In a couple of hours, you can walk along Ra Góres de Fedèra, skirting waterfalls and streams of water and crossing five suspension bridges over the Ru de Fedèra.
Combining all these routes, you can make a demanding tour of about five hours, starting from Pianozes Lake, passing by Ajàl Lake up to Lago de Fedèra to descend along Ra Góres de Fedèra and then finally returning to Pianozes.

MOuntain bike a Cortina - Credits Snowservice.it

mountain-bike routes

From Campo, we can take an easy round trip on a mountain bike: heading towards Zuel and continuing towards Socol. Following a dirt road with easy ups and downs, you will arrive at Pianozes Lake, where you descend back to Campo.
For more demanding tours, follow the itinerary that leads to Ajàl Lake and up to the Pezié de Parù hut; continuing, you can reach the Dibona refuge at the gate of the Valón de Tofana.
You can also reach downtown directly by bike from the campsite, continuing towards Campo di Sopra and crossing the Convento meadows. From the center, to avoid the ascents reserved for the fittest, you can reach high altitudes with the cable car and have fun on the downhill slopes.
With the Freccia nel Cielo cable car you reach Col Druscié and descend to Pié Tofana. Here it is possible to take the chairlift to the Duca d'Aosta refuge and go down to Cianzopé; not far from the Cinque Torri chairlift, then follow to the Pezié de Parù hut and head back to Campo, passing near Ajàl Lake

Arrampicata sportiva a Cortina d'Ampezzo

Volpera, Campo, Becco d’Ajal

The closest sport climbing spots are those of Campo and Condotta Forzata, while from the nearby town of Mortisa, you can reach Sasso dei Finanzieri and Volpèra: they consist of many boulders not far from each other, some overhanging, not exceeding twenty meters with from 5 to 8c+.
In forty minutes of walking, however, you can reach the Becco d'Ajàl, one of the most famous sport climbing spots in the valley. It is characterized by a large main tower in the middle of the fir forest, surrounded by numerous smaller ones, which allow you to have both an exposure to the east and the west. There are about fifty routes available from 6 to 8c.
The rock is characterized by holes and notches, and the walls are mostly overhanging, offering endurance climbing.
For further information is recommended the Guide of the Sport Climbing in Cortina d'Ampezzo, edited by the Scoiattoli Group.

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